The great state of Oh-Hi-Oh

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Today we left the lake house, and traveled initially into Indiana, but most of the day was in Ohio. We ended up in Pennsylvania, near a town called Transfer – just over the Ohio border.

There’s not a whole lot to say about Ohio. No offense to anyone who lives there is intended. Maybe its just that much of the day was spent on interstate freeways, or maybe it was the overcast weather. Maybe its that we have been through some really stunning areas. Somehow Ohio didn’t really stack up so well compared to the preceding states. Iowa for example, with all its farmland and endless cornfields, looked like Disneyland when compared with Ohio.

If Ohio has one saving grace (and yes it does), that would be the fact that it has some Trader Joe’s stores, and you bet we managed to hit one of them on the way through. It was a quick stop but we stocked up on all the goodies we like and we were all very happy all of a sudden. The kids perked up and got back into the RV content with their new snacks.

The reason we spend most of the day on the interstates was that there’s really not many good alternatives at this section, due to the large lakes to our north. This is a bit of a constriction forcing a lot of traffic on to I-80/I-90, and we just knuckled-down and pushed on. There were a LOT of trucks, we must have seen many thousand trucks today – way more trucks than cars. Is a busy section of freeway.

After Cleveland we were able to branch out again into the backroads. We passed through many Amish communities, saw the people riding their horse and carts, and even pulling their kids in wagons, which was quite a sight for us, since we own (thanks to Bob & Lee Ann) an Amish-built wagon and have pulled our own kids many miles in that and it is much treasured. So we can kind of relate 🙂 It was too difficult to photograph any of this Amish stuff, we needed to stop and spend more time. But as far as photos go, here’s what we did get in Ohio:

The route we took today

Lots of Trucks on the freeways in Ohio

Ohio Landscape, overcast and a little dreary

At least we got off the freeways

By the end of the day, after a few GPS (and driver error) snafus we finally made it to our campground. This was one highlight of the day since it is a top notch campground with lots of open space and trees, and a feeling of privacy. The evening was peaceful, the cicadas handed off to the crickets, and fireflies circled around doing what fireflies do. Aside from the insects, I couldn’t hear a thing as I took a walk around the campground in the dark, it was just so peaceful and serene… except for one permanent resident here, who has a gigantic outdoor bug zapper. When you walk past that camper all you hear is the continual sound of bugs being fried at 30,000 volts, as you try to contemplate the beauty of nature. Great food for thought 🙂

8 thoughts on “The great state of Oh-Hi-Oh”

  1. It’s been fun reading about your travels so far. Too bad you took the turnpike in Ohio – that is the worst. It’s like a turnpike in any state, really, just pavement and bad roadside stops. There are plenty of lovely, rolling hills and pretty sights in Ohio. Remember the movie Shawshank Redemption? That was all my hometown. There, I defended my state. 🙂

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your trip East and we’ll see you in Atlanta!

    1. Yeah, I’m sure it would have been way better had we got off the turnpike, but we really had to go more out of our way then usual to make that happen, just because of the geography and our time frame. So we just blasted through. We’ll try to do it a bit better next time.

      Today we were on all backroads in PA – super cool.

      Atlanta will be a fun stop, looking forward to that.

    2. Hey there Mandi…Shawshank Redemption was one of my favorite movies of all time! I truly believe if they picked a better title it would have one the oscar for movie of the year. I agree that we didn’t give Ohio a fair shot. If we had more time, I would suggest a redo! I will say that the Trader Joes shopping plaza was exceptional. There were beautiful flowers everywhere and an Anthropology store to boot. I could do a lot of damage if that was one of my regular stops! I hope we will be able to see you in Atlanta!!

  2. Hello Martin, Jody & Family!
    Thanks so much for sending me the link to your adventure travel blog….. I’m hooked.
    The photos are really exceptional and the daily antidotes are highly informative.
    Janine and I (and Hazel & Hanna) are sitting here in Switzerland loving the scenery of USA.
    We wish you all the best, have a safe trip and enjoy this special time together!!

  3. When you decided to do this trip, I thought you were crazy. Looking at the blog and your pictures, I find myself a wee bit jealous of your grand adventure. Thanks for taking the time to share it all with us. Now down to the real question….drum roll….Has Jody driven Harvey yet?

    1. Ha ha, yes, she has driven numerous times. She tends to get lulled to sleep pretty quick though 🙂 so we change back after a bit.

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