The backroads of Pennsylvania

Had our first real rain last night. Back in the Bay Area it doesn’t really rain at all between about April and October, so we had not seen rain in a while. Last night a number of us woke to the sound of what we believed was hail. We found out the next day it was just light rain, but inside the RV, even light rain is very loud.

Today was a full day on backroads through Pennsylvania and it was beautiful. Went through the Allegheny National Forest where we stopped for lunch by a river. The roads were free of traffic mostly, and very few trucks. Route 6 was our friend for the afternoon. We passed through lots and lots of small and very small towns and saw all kinds of people doing all kinds of things, none of which we would have seen on the freeways, we were so happy to be off the freeways.

Today we took down our “Australia or Bust” sign, since it was hanging off and about to fall anyway and looking worse for wear. So we no longer get all the laughs and funny looks, beeping horns, etc. Now we have become just another boring RV so nobody pays us any attention at all. We had been getting some great reactions to that previously.

We pulled in late to a great campsite next to Keen Lake. This and the previous one are places we could have stayed for a few days. But since our Lake Michigan beach stop, we kept moving onward to we can spend more time in Connecticut.

Our route today from Transfer, PA to Keen Lake, Wayamart, PA

Lunch break by a river

The Clarion River

Riley helping Milo get down the path to the river.

Exploring the river

Rainy afternoon

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