Heading South

On Saturday we re-boarded the RV, back in the saddle with the pedal to the metal. As hurricane Irene bared down on the East Coast of the US, we mapped out a slightly inland route to our next destination, Atlanta. We successfully avoided almost all of the storm and had a smooth ride all the way to Atlanta. It took two days and mostly on Interstates, however the last part was amazing and more on backroads, through some beautiful parts of the Appalachian range, the Natahala National Forest in North Carolina as well as north-eastern Georgia. The only photos we got were snapped on the iPhone from behind the wheel.

1030 miles after leaving Connecticut, and after passing through nine different states (Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia) we finally pulled into our stopping over point at Jody’s sister Jennifer’s apartment close to downtown Atlanta.

Rain as we pull out of Connecticut ahead of the hurricane

New Jersey

Welcome to Pennsylvania

Occasional rainy patches

Hot on our tail

Welcome to Tennessee

North Carolina, near Asheville

Nahtahala National Forest, North Carolina

Spaghetti Interchange, Atlanta

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