Juju’s Compartment

We had a rest day, naturally, in Atlanta. It was natural because Atlanta is the home of Jody’s sister Jennifer (known as Juju to the kids).

Juju lives in an apartment, however when he was younger Riley always used to refer to it as a “compartment”, so we’ve often talked about “Juju’s compartment”. In fact, we have talked about it for years with Riley and now Talia too, so it was nice to finally all be there to see it in person.

She has a 1-bedroom apartment but there was no problem fitting three adults and three children in it. We spent two nights and one full day there.

Juju’s compartment is beyond comfortable and even has a stunning rooftop pool with views to the city. The pool was a great location to celebrate Milo’s 2nd birthday, which is actually on September 1st, but on that day we’ll be probably somewhere in Texas, like Amarillo, and [with sincere apologies to any Texans here] its probably just not as fitting for a celebration as Juju’s rooftop pool.

Milo enjoyed his birthday, but more than that he enjoyed riding on Juju’s elevator, which he calls “the alligator”. When we jumped back into our RV and pulled out of the driveway, he was calling out “bye-bye alligator”.

Juju’s compartment

At Juju’s pool



Milo’s Party

Milo is TWO

Blue icing, blue teeth. And 12 hours later, something else was blue too.

Cake anyone?

Mandi and Talia

Milo in boots

With friend Mandi

2 thoughts on “Juju’s Compartment”

  1. No apologies are needed for dissing Amarillo. It is essentially the armpit of the nation, and any Texans not willing to admit this is fooling themselves! Great call on the bday celebration. Glad to see you are safe – we were wondering how the hurricane was impacting your travels.

    1. Haha, thanks – nice to get some backup for a real Texan 🙂 We dodged the hurricane, bypassed the earthquake, and just now we side-stepped some wildfires in Oklahoma.

      We keep our eyes peeled for you on the roads but you must be in another part of the cosmos. We’re loving the gypsy life, but always remain in awe of you two. Cheers, M

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