Alabama The Beautiful

It was a sad yet upbeat farewell in Atlanta. We enjoyed spending some 5-on-1 time with Juju. For our goodbye, the waterworks were tuned to a minimum. Not that there couldn’t have been a major eruption at any moment.

Saying goodbye to Juju in Atlanta

Our trusty GPS took us through some of Atlanta’s richest, then sketchiest neighborhoods as we made our way to Interstate-20, which took us out of Georgia into Alabama.

“Alabama The Beautiful” is how the welcome sign reads. We passed through Birmingham, then on to Memphis, Tennessee.

Alabama The Beautiful

Milo in sleep mode, snacks still crusted to his face.

Hollywood #1

Hollywood #2

Alabama has lots of trees, but relatively flat.


Truck jam in Memphis

Our campsite in Arkansas (just on the outskirts of Memphis)

Sunset near Memphis

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