From the musical, Oklahoma! (circa 1955)
(video: 1 min 43 sec)

We are getting about as close as we’ll get to the middle of America. As I write this we are in Oklahoma, near Oklahoma City. It is hot – very hot. The temp topped out at 105 F today (that’s 41 Celsius). Nobody is bursting into song like the guy in the above video. Hot winds blew in from the South all afternoon, it was like being in a blast furnace. In the RV we ran the generator as we traveled, so that we could run the main air conditioner as well as the one built into the dash, neither could keep up with the heat. There were wild fires in Oklahoma City suburbs and we were diverted off the highway due to low visibility. Numerous suburbs were evacuated. But we pressed on and made it to safe ground for the night, we are a long way from those fires now.

I didn’t think to mention it until now but we’ve definitely been in the Bible Belt for some time. Ever since we entered Virginia, we’ve noticed a staggering number of churches of all descriptions, not to mention many billboards with Christian themes, billboards promoting the various churches, and a plethora of Christian radio stations to choose from. In fact between Christian radio and Country music, there’s not much room on the dial for anything else.

We started our day near Memphis, having breakfast with The King of Rock and Roll.

This is the kind of thing that Milo gets up to when we look away.

Our campsite near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

We’re in farm country – this is a locust that stopped by to visit our campsite. This photo was taken on the tree in the far left of the photo above.

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma”

  1. just catching up with your blog Martin…you are a fantastic photographer and great writer. The quality of this site is terrific and you guys look like you’re having a fun time…love to Jody!

    1. Thanks Cathy for the kind comments. One week till we board the ship. Not sure if I’ll be able to upload photos once onboard, but hopefully, we’ll see.

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