Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico

Sometimes we stay at KOA campgrounds, and sometimes these KOA’s try to compete with other campgrounds by offering various special “attractions” to try to draw people in – especially people like us, who are suckers for this type of marketing. (warning, previous sentence may contain sarcasm, reader’s discretion is advised).

At this particular KOA they had a jumping pillow, which is something like a trampoline. The kids loved it. The pillow is large and all sides are buried into the ground. Underneath they pump in air. So you climb on top and start jumping on the pillow, and this is what it loos like…

A caged buffalo near the campground. This was apparently to attract the interest of prospective campers.

Today’s route was across the Texas Panhandle, into Santa Fe – where we had plans to meet up with Jody’s cousin Kevin and family.

The view from a roadside rest area. A lot of the drive today was flat and, well, let’s just say a little monotonous.

Milo, the birthday boy today, spent his birthday mostly in his carseat. Swimming in Juju’s pool and eating blue cupcakes is but a distant memory now as the Texas heat takes hold.

A lot of the scenery today looked like this…. until we got into New Mexico.

In New Mexico, starting to get a bit hilly

Close to Santa Fe, things started getting a lot more interesting.

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