Santa Fe with Malachi

We took a rest day today in Santa Fe.

The main purpose of this whole RV trip is to visit family and friends, so that’s why we stop in certain places and miss other things completely. At this stage, every day ahead of us is allocated, and we have just enough time to make it to LA and board our ship. We maximized the time on the East Coast, as well as a few stops here and there on the way over and back. This trip back to LA is intentionally a fast one. We’ve even stooped to the low level of just using the interstates which I dissed in an earlier post. But, you gotta do what you gotta do, and so we are doing it – and that ship won’t wait for us. So hopefully that explains the speed of the journey so far. But one of the stops we had planned from the start was one in Santa Fe to see Malachi and family.

We spent the day today with Jody’s cousin Kevin and son Malachi, who was featured in a previous post as we also saw them in Connecticut. Shakti, Malachi’s mom, was working all day so we only saw her briefly.

Not really any photos to share except these snapped from an iPhone from a breakfast we shared.

A car park cousin farewell.

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