Road trip underway

Day 1: July 25th
Departed Redwood City on the scheduled day, although very late. We actually began the day in Santa Cruz, went to the Bay Area to tidy up a few loose ends and by 3pm we headed out of town on the most direct route to Reno, where we stayed with our friend Cathy.

Update: 27 July. Here’s one extra photo from this leg.

Breakfast at Cathy & Jim’s home.

2 thoughts on “Road trip underway”

  1. i am loving this !!!!…

    do you think you can stop off in NJ at all from DC to CT ? or doesn’t work ? I will still try to get to CT if you can’t.

    1. We can definitely try. Too hard to say right now for sure, but we’ll see if we can make that happen. We’ll be in touch once we get closer. See ya, Martin

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