Harvey the RV for sale

Tomorrow is our last day in the RV. We will arrive in or near Los Angeles and then we have a busy few days arranging to sell the RV and also offload all it’s contents. After that we prepare to board the ship on Saturday.

There probably won’t be any updates here for some time, until things settle down a bit, this is going to be a busy few days ahead. We’ll get you all caught up down the track a bit.

In the mean time if you have been at all inspired and would like to make your own journey, consider buying Harvey the RV, which is for sale at a wholesale price. It only has 45k miles. This is your last chance!

3 thoughts on “Harvey the RV for sale”

  1. We have really enjoyed reading along with you and hope that you will continue the posts when you are aboard ship. We will definitely come visit you all so it is Au revoir for now!
    xo the Pelosi Family

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