On board the Volendam

The Volendam is a small to mid size cruise ship. It takes 1400 passengers and 600 crew and we are virtually full to capacity. It still feels spacious though, with plenty of areas for the passengers to disperse. We are on a 23 day cruise from L.A. to Sydney, stopping in Hawaii, American Samoa, Samoa, New Caledonia, Eden (Australia) and Sydney.

Boarding the Volendam in Los Angeles.

Leaving Los Angeles

Breakfast outside on the rear deck.

Inside our cabin. We have a second room like this with a connecting door.

Talia and Milo in the room

Talia in the window

Milo on the Sports Deck (almost the uppermost deck). The large roof sections behind Milo can retract to open the pool area in good weather.

The retractable roof over the Lido pool.

The Lido Pool.

On this deck you can walk all the way around the outside of the ship. Three and a half laps equals one mile. This is a popular place to walk in the mornings.

The second pool, on the upper rear deck.

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