Kona, Hawaii

Kona is just a small town on Hawaii’s Big Island. Of course it is famous as the only place in USA where coffee is grown commercially. Our visit was just for the day, and we mostly stayed pretty close to the ship so that Talia and Milo could return for their daily nap.

Our ship, the Volendam, at anchor off Kona, Hawaii.

Since we were at anchor off Kona, we had to board tender boats to ferry us to the shore, there is no dock for ships at Kona.

This was our arrival point and the main center of town.

Leaving Kona, we had a party on the back deck to say farewell to Hawaii.

Milo knocks back a banana at the party.

Talia in her Hawaiian head dress.

Talia with Indah. Indah serves food at the buffet daily and enjoys seeing Talia.

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    1. There were 11 kids only. They all got to know each other pretty well and enjoyed spending days together in the kids club. Milo was too young to go to the kids club, but the other two loved it.

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