Apia, Samoa

Samoa is a different country from American Samoa and this group of islands is just a short sail away. We found it to be quite a lot more developed than American Samoa, at leased based on our limited experience. We docked in a town called Apia, Samoa.

We took a walk from the ship to a nearby “beach” but it was a beach of dead coral, not sand, and therefore not suitable for swimming with kids. So we settled for a swing on their rope swing and later walked into town.

In town we tried to find a cafe to eat lunch in, but with tired and hungry children, couldn’t find anything remotely suitable so cabbed back to the ship for lunch and a peaceful afternoon on board the ship.

Riley on the rope swing, Apia, Samoa.

Milo takes a turn

Our ship, the Volendam

Talia and Riley walking into town.

Getting back on board.

View of Apia from the ship.

Back on board, the following day, the kids club were the only passengers to get a tour of the bridge. I sent Riley along with my iPhone so he could snap some photos. Here he is at the controls.

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