Ile De Pins, Nouvelle Caledonie

No prizes for guessing that “Ile de pins” is French for “Isle of Pines”. Also no prizes for guessing that this small island within the archipelago of New Caledonia has lots of pines on it. New Caledonia is of course, a French territory.

This spectacular jewell was one of our favorite stops on this journey. The nickname for this island is “The closest island to paradise”. It’s beautiful beaches were a real surprise, and they were totally uncrowded – until we got there that is. When the Volendam pulled in and dropped anchor, I noticed several yachts rapidly head off into the distance and I wouldn’t blame them. All the people you see in the photos here came from our ship.

From the ship looking to shore. You can just make out a couple of tender boats ferrying people to shore.

People gather in the theater, tickets in hand for their tender boat, waiting for their number to be called so that can be transferred to shore. Mostly this process went relatively smoothly.

Map – click to zoom.

A tender boat heads for shore. A number of tender boats shuttle passengers back and forth to and from shore all day.

A tender boat arrives at the shore.

Blue waters and white beaches welcome us

Snack time at the beach. Riley opted to stay on board today, he loves the kids club there.

Milo on a short walk through the forest to a different beach

Moments away another spectacular beach

An obligatory hibiscus photograph, since I did not include one yet. At this stage we are about to leave the tropics so this will be the last one we’ll see.

While exploring on shore I passed this traditional-style house with thatch roof.

Next stop Noumea, capital of New Caledonia.

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