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Our own private Idaho

Day 3: Wednesday July 27th, 2011

Had a fantastic night visiting Mark and Tara, followed by a hearty home made breakfast. It was an incredible, beautiful morning as we pulled out of Boise at 11:30am. Followed I-84 for a short time before taking backroads all the way (hence our own private Idaho) to Wilson, Wyoming, which is just next to Jackson Hole. Stunning scenery all day today and it just got better and better all the way. Early in the day we passed the Craters Of The Moon national park, which is a large area of lava flows that make a stark landscape. Here’s the route we took today:

Update: Here are some photos, finally uploaded from the camera.

Our hosts in Boise, Mark and Tara, check out the RV

Mark and Tara’s place

Roadside lunch with a view

Climbing into the foothills on the way to Wyoming

The road to Jackson, Wyoming. We took the less travelled route.

Goodbye Idaho, hello Wyoming

Reno to Boise

Day 2: July 26th
Arrived in Boise, ID. Late start again and a long day (8 hours) driving. We figured out we are making 6 miles per gallon, not great. Kids survived the long day and were glad to get to Boise. Great to arrive in the welcoming home of our friends Mark and Tara.

Reno downtown through a bug-splattered windshield.

Salt lake in remote Nevada.




Typical Nevada driving after leaving Reno

Clouds in south west Oregon

Lunch in Winnemucca, Nevada – VIDEO

Goodbye Nevada, Hello Oregon

Road trip underway

Day 1: July 25th
Departed Redwood City on the scheduled day, although very late. We actually began the day in Santa Cruz, went to the Bay Area to tidy up a few loose ends and by 3pm we headed out of town on the most direct route to Reno, where we stayed with our friend Cathy.

Update: 27 July. Here’s one extra photo from this leg.

Breakfast at Cathy & Jim’s home.